SPARK Alumni


M.Tech B.Tech
  • Phanikiran Somanchi. Thesis title: "Adding Full System Simulation Support for POWER Architecture in GEM5".

  • Venkatnarayan Kulkarni. Thesis title: "Adding MMU Support for POWER Architecture on GEM5"

  • Parth Shah. Thesis title: "Heterogeneous Parallel Combinatorial Optimization"

  • Shivam Prajapathi. Thesis title:"Efficient Implementation to Manage the Decryption Method of RSA Algorithm using GPGPUs"
  • Sangeetha G S, Vignesh R, Matthew G Kallarackal. Thesis title: "Design and Space Exploration of NoC on FPGA"

  • Anshul Agarwal, Tejpal Rebari, Puneet Kumar. Thesis title:"An Integrated eCommerce System"


  • Sandipan Das. Thesis title: QEMU, a Fast and Portable Dynamic Translator.
  • Swapnil Bokade. Thesis title: QEMU, a Fast and Portable Dynamic Translator
  • Vivek Andrew Sha.Thesis title: QEMU, a Fast and Portable Dynamic Translator


M.Tech B.Tech
  • Ankur Anandapu. Thesis title: Fast Large Graph Algorithms on GPU.
  • Arun Prabhakar. Thesis title: Comparative study of mapping and partitioning algorithms for energy consumption reduction on NoC based MPSoC
  • Dinesh Kandpal. Thesis title: An NoC Architecture for DNA Matching
  • Ammula Ranjith. Thesis title: Randomized PORA: An efficient algorithm for low latency torus based data center network architecture
  • Jagadish M. Thesis title: Multicast Routing Algorithm in NoCs
  • Sumukha R M, Abhishek Reddy Y N, Job J. Thesis title: Implementing 3D regions defined by arbitrary crosssections with discontinous boundary elements on Neuroconstruct
  • Sampad Medda, Sandesh Limbu, Mukesh Kumar Gupta. Thesis title: Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Data Centers using Machine Learning


M.Tech B.Tech
  • Nuresh Kumar Dewangan. Thesis title: Power constrained Design of Wireless Network-on-Chp
  • Abhishek Mishra. Thesis title: Optimizing 3G Voice Call Power Consumption (Work done at Intel)
  • Vishal Babu. Thesis title: Power Optimization Techniques for 3D Network-on-Chips
  • Shiva Kumar. Thesis title: Power Efficient Scheme for Photonic Network-on-Chips
  • Sakshi Agarwal, Sasank Channapragada, Vikas B. Thesis title: Chromatic number of a unit distance graph
  • Sahil S Pai, Shravankumar, Anul Kanti. Thesis title: Semi perfect 1-Factorisation Conjecture on complete bipartite graphs
  • Akshay K, Anik Bhowmik, H G Rama Bhat. Thesis title: Efficient Quantum Computing Systems.